This is my grandmother´s scrapbook, my mother´s mom. It dates from the 30´s of the last century when she went to primary school, she only finished four grades. A part of her is in this, even grandfather´s drawing. She married late but she didn´t care about anyone´s opinion. We have a bond in her love for literature. My mother resented her for not letting her go to school, she picked her older sister for that so my mum had to earn for her books herself. Besides, it´s a scrapbook from World War II when her two sisters went missing. They were taken to the building of the museum which used to be a prison and now I work there. It´s kind of like we closed a family circle although we didn´t really, because the sisters were never found.

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This is a part of a key chain which is a bull with a football. This object connects two of my most important people, besides family. My best friends Tea and Goran who got it for me. Tea and I took that object when we were learning for an exam filled with latin terms for plants, animals and so on. Then we named that key chain bos primigenius fudboliensis and it became our good luck charm which we share. Whenever one of us had an exam, a big shooting or opening we always carry the bull with us for good luck and to be with each other. We literary call and take it from the other when we need it.

This is Schubert. I took him in with my children 10 years ago from a woman because he was not full bred. From that moment I started to become free. I took Schubert to park three times a day and made friends with other dog owners. Although my husband used to say nobody will be friends with me because I´m complicated and a nagger. I found friends there I spent New Years´ with, 20 years younger than me. At the time Schubert took over some of my allergies and became sick. When he felt bad I walked him, cried and talked to him about my problems. When he felt it was enough, he was 10 years old, he died on my hands. He did his mission, I moved, divorced and now I have a new adopted asylum dog. But Schubert always stays with me. 


My mother and grandmother were both extremely attached to one object. My grandmother had two of those. She gave one to her son and one to my mother. One left with her when my mother left and the other stayed with me as a memory. It´s a rosary. Not because it´s a rosary, it´s a symbol of trust. That´s faith, connection. We don´t share that connection within women in the family anymore but when my mother was born I was already in her and so was my daughter and granddaughters. I learned a lot from my grandmother, she taught me to make my first steps in the nature and all she learnt from her female ancestors. They told me I idolised her but I didn´t, she was special. 

I got this doll when I was less than two years old. It´s my favorite toy, I sleep with her. I have many things for her, like wheels, pacifier, carrier, a helmet and a dress she inherited from me from when I was as little as she is now. 


My grandmother made this sweater 40 years ago for my mother when she went to college. There is a story there, very emotional for me. My grandmother sacrificed a lot for my mother to go to college. She was illiterate, her father decided that the sons will get educated while she took the role of a housekeeper. I think she never recovered from being illiterate, many years later my sister and me taught her how to read and write. I find it touching that a person who couldn´t write gave us what she could with her hands. This sweater is made out of wool and it´s in perfect condition. When I wear it I am aware how much care and dedication is knit in it.

When my friend died, he was very young. His parents had no money for a monument. I made a book with his poetry, people didn’t know he was writing. So we raised all the money, he lives on in the book, and for me it was actually the first humanitarian project. I’m writing too, I’ve published two books already, and now I’m working on a book that would empower girls. Everything I collect with the book, I donate. Now we have collected 3345 euros for the girls, so that they could go to school. The book presents me with the alchemy of Love. Love turns everything bad into good. Gosh, for me the whole life is one big School of Love. We have all come here to progress in Love. Some repeat first grade all their lives. They can also be directors, but what does that mean to them, if they are unhappy? Where do I see myself in 10 years? Well, not climbing up the food chain biting others to fall down. I would like to be in the spiritual landscape of spring, joyful, deep in my roots, embraced by grace and peace. In this way, my children will start living from a higher level, raising the collective vibration. This will ultimately determine the fate of the world. 


This is a small hourglass which goes for exactly 3 minutes. It´s usually used to know that you have to brush your teeth for that long. I chose that object because it beautifully symbolises the passing of time. But I have an unusual story about my grandmother and that object. She died last year, she was 95. We had a complex relationship, she was always harsh, distant, cold. But what´s interesting, when you get some time in life, people do change. After she turned 90 my grandmother got softer and we made friends. For the last five years of her life we spent time connecting. We knew she was going to die, her body was shutting down. On the night she died I was brushing my teeth and I turned the hourglass. And what happened was that a little grained of sand stopped it halfway through. It was a mystical experience to me and I dare to think of it as more than a coincidence. 

When my mother died I was cleaning her things. I remember this pen very well because every day when she came home from the factory she would count how much she earned that day. It´s more than 50 years old but still works.

My daughter is a father´s daughter in many ways. When she calls, she calls for him and I get upset. She´s a girl, what do you see in dad? I know, I have a bit of a temper. Sometimes I say to her, Klaudia, shame on you for not calling me for a week. When I call her she is in a hurry, and we don´t get to talk. She talks about football with her dad. And those are long conversations. She could talk to me about music, but dad is dad. She is more of a father´s girl. Although I think of her as mine.

When my mother died I was cleaning her things. I remember this pen very well because every day when she came home from the factory she would count how much she earned that day. It´s more than 50 years old but still works.

My mother got this certificate when she came from Slavonija to Zagreb. One time we had guests and that was the first time I saw that she needed to have a permit to stay in the city.

I decided to take this object because I love stones. I love rocks, I love hiking. That´s a certain symbol of nature which is also a bond with my mother and my child. What I love about stones is their shape, almost every stone I brought from my travels or the ones I found on the street has some kind of shape. I have sort of an altar with special stones. By the stones I also have a tree or a leaf, everything that´s connected to nature. 

This little cloth is soft and I like to take care of it. My mother gave me that cloth when I was a baby. I sleep with it and I only leave it when I play. 

These are my family photos, this is me when I was a child. My father is a photographer so I have a lot of those. I cherish them because they remind me of moments when we were all happy. I was surprised when I saw the photos I chose, all of them are from our summers in Brač where we don´t go anymore since my grandparents dies. I probably chose them because of a sense of nostalgia for the time when we were all there and some kind of an inner peace they always remind me of.

When I take this scarf which my mother knitted herself, I can feel her and that warmth which only a mother can give. This scarf is more than precious to me, it radiates her warmth, the thing that I sometimes need so much.

I got this as a wedding gift from my office friends 65 years ago. It´s unique and those were the first things made out of ceramics that we had in our country. I am always taking care of it so it doesn´t get broken, I am so attached to it. I don´t use it anymore, I keep it as a memory. It was important before to serve the coffee in that special way. That´s not important anymore.

I got this bunny from my father when he came back from a trip. We are almost always together, when I learn how to read, I read to him. 

Dildo was a natural choice that represents what I do, not only because I believe that the women only need themselves to be happy. And in that sexual regard, I believe that a woman who finds herself sufficient can be satisfied in sex with a man, and that we need both sex and masturbation equally. And that´s why dildo is here, as a symbol of female independence so she could, being independent, easily give herself to a man both physically and emotionally if she chooses to. Also, dildo stays up even after the sex act.

She was in the pound only four days, I got her photo and couldn´t stop looking at her. When I told my grandmother about her I knew that was it, I have already made my decision. She was timid, neutred, in stitches. I didn´t even know what dogs eat but I brought her home. We went to the meadow and I told her, look girl, I understand that you might want to flee but I don´t want to keep you on the leash so please let´s listen to each other and be good. And that´s how it started, we go to work together, we take walks together, we are very happy and love each other a lot.

This is a pearl necklace which I bought when my friend died. When my Mirjana died I was looking at this pretty necklace in one store, I thought it was beautiful. But I kept telling myself that I don´t need it and that it´s too expensive, there are more important things I should save money for... When she died I went there and immediately bought that necklace. I believe that when someone dies their love stays with us and when I put that necklace on I feel like that love is hugging me even more. That neklace is not only a reminder of her love but also that it´s important to put yourself first.

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